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He's been successfully undoing his good work for the past 2 months now.
Retards have been undoing his work in my opinion.

First the #CultOfCore that sabotaged BTC and recently the #CultOfCraig which attacked BCH.
I thought #CultofCraig was over when BCH split and the BCH devs started minding their own business?
It will be over when the personality cult around Craig ceases to exist.
I guess because he is not shilling BSV?
maybe :D I think the split is good. Lots of new development happening for BCH after the split. The pre-fork BCH community had different visions.
the BSV people want "completely original protocol", so I think those people were holding the rest back from making useful changes.
Yeah. We will compete now and see who will do a better job.
Competition is good, war is bad.
what the BCH community consider "useful" at least.
I also think the split is good. We got rid of CSW!
That is a good point. Now we can move forward.