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Did you know that you can features to existing projects as entries for the Coinparty 2020 Hackathon?

Here's some features on the Member issues list that I think are about the right
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| size for a Coinparty project.

1. Chat server - let Members chat together in real time
2. Search facility - often requested feature, add a full text search facility
3. Infinite
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| scroll/Automatic update - add new posts to feeds in real time, either from scroll position, or update periodically with new posts (good for live events)
4. Embedded comments - allow
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| other websites to add Member comment threads to their articles with just some iframe tags
5. Markdown editor - Replace the markdown editor with TipTap for an improved user interface
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| when composing longer articles on Member.
6. Media Integrations - Allow embedded LBRY/Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Giphy/etc integrations in Member posts.