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Just a note on what spooling up a full v0.14.2 node entails: 2cores 8gb
4gb may be enough - It seems that the memory for bchd stay below 4gb,
but more cores may help
No Prune,
with full transaction index
which means --fastsync is not an option for this kind of project
2019-04-23 07:17:40.044 [INF] BCHD: Version 0.14.2
2019-04-26 12:14:36.212 [INF] SYNC: Processed 3 blocks in 10.81s (5734 transactions, height 401446/579888 (69.23%) ...~341 MiB cache)
Hopefully this node may be fully operational before the next fork.
Maybe not,
SYNC has begun taking forever,
(full TX index costs time, ~10seconds per block currently)
At this rate another two weeks may pass before this node can be useful.