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Gotta love how in very 1984 fashion they label themselves as the actual complete opposite of what they intend. "Satoshi's Vision" really is "Satoshi's Nightmare", look right here
Nope, Loonytarians don't get it but CSW does:

Anarchist cryptokiddies are not even a competition. BSV is aiming at serious business and not at some children cought in grownups bodies.
Who are you talking to? Godspeed on your "serious" business. But that has nothing to do with the fact that BSV is the polar opposite of what most people understand Satoshi intended
So what satoshi intended?
For Bitcoin to be "government friendly" clearly... That's why he wrote so much about circumventing the state and banks. He was just a really bad satirist.... /s
Fund me a post of Satoshi where he talks against banks and governments and come back to me.
Yeah, read the coinbase of the first ever block....
And not an anarchist totally against every form of governments. This is something he never ever stated nowhere and is added to his persona maliciously and dishonestly.
What? When did I claim any of that?

Keep tossing around those goal posts, bud.

I've read everything Satoshi wrote many times over the years.
So what's your problem again? That frauds shouldn't be challenged on courts if they can be proven?
All I'm saying, is that these are clearly not the actions of someone with the same philosophical views or technical expertise as Satoshi Nakamoto.
I do though understand your point and why you might think thatbway, but I don't fully agree with it.
Fair enough.

Sorry for giving you attitude. Just had a lil toke and realized im out of line. The world of Bitcoin has really worn at my patience / temper over the years.

No, thank you, for being a rare example of someone who can clearly think for himself and make up his own opinion and being respectful. I can always respect that even if we can't agree.
And before you write be off as some sort of shill, know that I still own thousands of dollars worth of BSV, and would like to see it succeed and grow as currency.
Have you ever even read the article mentioned in the coinbase? Its talking about threats to nationalise banks if they don't submit. Satoshi was against governments abusing money.
Yes, a warning against the danger of government influence in the financial system seems like the words of someone who sues people who oppose his ideas for a monetary system.
I see no conflict in behavior. Anyone can try different experiment. Just don't deceive to be bitcoin while discarding whitepaper, nakamoto concensus and resort to dirty tactics.
Clearly for federal judges/governments to step in and define the consensus rules of Bitcoin /s
That's kinda ironic coming from someone discarding nakamoto concensus and resorting to automatic savepoints by shitlords.

Btw nobody calls federal government's to define consensus.
Yeah, read the lawsuit that the sole miners and developers of BSV just filed against multiple parties in the community. You know how lawsuits work? A judge (government) decides.
Firstly it's a third party filling that lawsuit. And its against frauds performed. It has nothing to do with forming concensus. BSV developers sued nobody.
You are so right.