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Avalanche has some really good potential for BCH.
Yea... it has the potential to make BCH almost impossible to double spend even in an 51% attack attempt.
no one is actually doing double spends on BCH; avalanche-process will go through the happy-path for 99,98% of TXs; miners will effectively be wasting resources consumed by avalanche
As far as I understand it will only be used if multiple conflicting transactions are detected.
So no waste. For Avalanche to work you will just relay double spends too so that the network can come to consensus if a double spend is detected. If no double spend, no change.
from what i got, it is used always, it just doesn't escalate to conflict solving; conflict solving for huge % of TXs would be WAAAYY more expensive resource-wise; `happy-path`
So tx will be more expensive for everybody if more work is done I guess
I guess too. That's bad if that's the case.
Hm interesting. Do you know of any performance tests done on it?
ya, can't help you there; please let everyone know if you stumble upon them
i will