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Just met with a little crypto agro in imgur,
caught me by surprise
wasn't expecting to be trolled there.

Nipped them right back.
Somebody told me I was an asshole when I was posting those screenshots the other day.
imgur, looks so candy sweet with all the pussy cats and cuteness
caught me by surprise
therebetrolls in all that sugar.

controlled myself, seems wrong to fight with little kids.
I love those cat videos! It does look so cute and as sweet as candy.
What did he say?
"Bcash is trash" "I just hate Roger Ver" "Bcash is whack" and I can't even get into the comments to see what else.
Let the kiddies play in the diaper pool. Most know the difference betweeen BTC and BCH by now.
Now I look at imgur withh fresh eyes.
So this "Bcash is scam because of Roger" doesn't make sense. If BCH is a scam because of Roger, then BTC is so too.
It's not meant to make sense, just to waste time.
Exactly. Now I understand how humanity could be manipulated into the central bank scam.
Classic stuff from them. If Roger Ver is really such a scammer and BCH is a scam because of him, then BTC is also a scam because he was part of that community in the past.