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The still indoctrinated sheeps: How many dollars can I get for one #bitcoin?

The smarter sheeps: How many grams of #gold can I get for one #bitcoin?

The enlighted genius: How many #BCH can I get for one #BTC?
replied 122d
In terms of price of course
replied 122d
Price follows adoption, so we must give it more years of patience but I am still positive that #BCH could outprice #BTC in the very long run.
replied 122d
Bitcoin forks aren't doing so well though
replied 122d
#BCH merchant adoption has been growing steadily & 10x more users are looking for places to spend #bitcoin in their neighborhood than just 1 year ago #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap #bmap
Pham Nuwen
replied 122d
replied 121d
Check the screenshots on