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replied · 8d
The Christian bible says the same shit. They are both horrible religions. No church should be able to hire police to enforce heir laws. Christian law is a bigger threat than sharia law
Is there such command/instruction/exhortation in the "New Testament".
Perhaps you can help specify ?
It would be quite useful to know for something I am working on.
replied · 8d
Personally I think the take the new testament had on slavery shows that the bible is not a source for morality. If anything people have morals despite being Christian, not because.
replied · 8d
There is, but the bible is more than just the new testament. The wnitee holybook needs to be considered, not just parts picked out.
the 'take home' from Sunday School
was that the "Old Testament" was just historical background
for what the New Testament was repealing.
Not that Calvinists cared 1 whit.
replied · 8d
Old sacrifices were nonger expected as Jesus was the sacrifice the others represented. He did not take away the old laws though. This is why Christian's still burn witches to this day.
Oh please go on and provide your sources.
replied · 8d
I did. A church looking to hire police to enforce their laws. It was the first one you responded to.