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back to food, here a special pizza, maybe many of you never seen it before. It's a star pizza and inside each star ending there's a fresh ricotta cheese that melts in your mouth.
replied 738d
Sounds delicious but those toppings look like they leave something to be desired.
What's on it?
replied 737d
pizza, Italian style.
when the contents are superbly rich and 'flavourings' are not required.

Every time I visit Italy I put on at least 3 kilo's :))
*Gelati fiend*
replied 738d
that is an handmade sausage... it was perfect, nothing to add.
Sk8eM dUb
replied 738d
Looks damn amazing. One of these days I'll come visit you in Korea if I can get one of these.
replied 738d
Anytime :) eating is a social activity more fun together
replied 737d
*S T O P I T*
mouth watering... going to my local pizza shop
"please make me one of these"
replied 738d
Hey starfish pizza, you look good enough to eat.