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List Of Bitcoin Cash Developers 💪 #BCH #BTC #bitcoin #crypto #dailymemo

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You have some duplicates (Amaury Sechet and Sechet); (Shammah and Shammah Chancellor)
replied 537d
Thanks, I noticed that too after I copied the list from Reddit thread. I didn't write the list myself but I will fix all the errors.
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Better not create another core... rather mimic tcpIP. No devs needed for Bitcoin. They are middle men.
replied 537d
Totally agree, Bitcoin is for everyone. The reason behind this list is just to show BTC trolls that BCH is not only Roger Ver and a handful of coders.
replied 536d
you may need to add a few. it is okay to call it a tidal wave, because, the tidal forces of the fucking MOON! #Tsunami warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!