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I don;t think it is propaganda, Can you show that AVA won't turn into POS in a short order?
I think the burden is on you to show how it could. The only correlation between Avalance (a consensus algorithm) and PoS is that a coin that uses Avalnche (Ava Coin) also uses PoS.
I already gave up on that. It is not clear that BCH will even use Avalanche. I'll wait until that happens. Meantime, I am not interested in AVA coin at all.
Then have no concern that an avalanche based preconsensus system on BCH will lead to it becoming PoS, as the fact that AVA coin uses PoS as sybill protection is the connection here.
No, because AVA will be PoS, but AVA is not BCH.
Haha, I'm behind on this. BCH was going to be AVA 28 days ago
It essentially helps 0-conf transactions by protecting against double spends, and will likely help block propagation and scaling. I think it also might prevent some other problems.
If a transaction meets Avalanche consensus we can feel safer accepting the transaction knowing there is no double spend, even if it still has zero confirmations on the blockchain.
The BCH devs are looking to see if Avalanche consensus can be used as a preconsensus for transactions. It just manages the mempool for miners to process transactions from.
Sorry I think you misunderstand. When I say "AVA" I mean the new coin that will be released. Are we talking about the same?
No. Avalanche
Ah okay but Avalanche is not by definition PoS.
Not by definition but I suspect it quickly degenerates into PoS. How else can you trust the Avalanche data for anything? Not surprisingly, AVA coin is PoS
You can base the weight of votes on POW. Yes AVA coin is PoS. Whatever this you are saying is speculation. I think Avalanche is awesome but I'll leave if BCH becomes PoS.
Good point. However, PoW-based avalanche is more complicated, and it does not allow miners to come and go arbitrarily as they would surely lose trust.
I don't think Avalnche becomes any more complicated if it relies on PoW, or PoS. It is it's own consensus form, and is independant of the PoW done by miners.
maybe loose trust in avalanche yes. but remember that avalanche is solely going into effect if there is a conflict.