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An offer has been made
drop #BCH

start from scratch.

Accept or counteroffer?
He has no room to negotiate. He's welcome to lose a little bit of money and come back and join us though.
replied · 184d
Who's "us"? There's a club?
replied · 185d
It doesn't sound like a negotiation. They didn't say anything about not litigating against exchanges.
replied · 183d
You're right,
in light of documents that have shown up in Calvin's hands
showing market manipulation in exchanges
negotiations seem to have stopped.
replied · 183d
Hot stuff!
replied · 183d
They had their chance.
replied · 183d
24hours, a window of opportunity.
now smashed.

Oh well.
replied · 178d
Thanks for the loan. Repaid!
replied · 177d
not a problem,
thank you for asking :)
replied · 177d
Trust is high in this one
:need an easy way to include a yoda gif, thank you: