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BTW, Craig Wright Proves He Can Code By Copy-Pasting “Hello World” Program. AMAZING!
I want you to point me one programmer who do not copy/paste from stack overflow.
Look world, I can program! And then you copy paste "Hello World" from SO. Really? Are you for real?
That's one of the most made problems I have ever heard. If someone ask me the same I will literally copy paste it because it will save me time and i bet 99.9% of all will do the same
If I had doubt in your programming ability (that was the case, btw) and you come back with a verbatim copy paste, you can fuck right off. BTW, are you mildly retarded?
CSW doesn't give a shit about "proving himself" to VB because the people who matter already know he's wicked smart. Vitalik is an obvious tool - the only question is who his master is.
VB made a tweet that CSW couldn't code 'Hello World', so CSW threw in a copy of 'Hello World'. Anyone who has two brain cells understands that.
The people you're trying to fool are smarter than you.
Is she Japanese? Her English is quite good