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What you post here doesn't matter. People using BCH Memo already know how good it is. Quantity of posts matters. Thanks again for using BCH the king of Crypto.
Also, read your post history bud. Call us douchebags all you want. Don't change a thing. You want our guns? from our cold dead hands. Come and take 'em.
What they don't know is how little time they have to use it. BCash will be dead in months.
Wanna bet? I will send you 500.00 BTC and you send me 500.00 in BCH. You say months. I will let you pick the time frame. Deal?
I tell you what. If BCash makes #1 market cap in 12 months I'll empty my BCash account here on Memo to you and I'll close this account. Deal?
I'll even make the deal sweeter and put in 10 million satoshi's of BCash into this account.
You said BCH will be gone in months. I never said how long it will take BCH to pass BTC. It will happen eventually. I can't bet 12 months though. Right now nobody is buying any crypto.
I can go longer than 12 months if you want. 2021 even.
You claimed BCH would be gone in months. You clearly don't stand behind that. Now you are making bets out to 2021? LMAO. it completely shows you are full of shit.
It will be gone in months. Which is why this bet is so sad. Even if i won, all your BCash would be gone and you wouldn't be able to settle up.
Why? I said the crypto of your choice? I can take USD and buy another crypto. Boy you are one stupid fuck.
Lol, you won't have $500 USD when BCash hit's $0 nice try.
Now you know my financials? LMAO. See the connection? I won't have money- BCH is going under. The fact is, it's what you want to believe, not reality. Good luck.
Lmao, you'll probably have to actually get a job when your BCash flatlines lolol
i have to congratulate you, you must be the most active BCH USER on memo, its always a pleasure to see new faces eager to use BCH as much as possible, knowing its fast cheap & reliable
I could say the same to you when BTC flatlines. But why lie? I don't know your financials. I don't have to stoop to your level. of desperateness.
Lol, you think I'd risk my pre-2012 mining earnings worth many thousands of dollars on a dick-measuring contest?
What I meant was 500.00 USD value and I will change it to the crypto of your choice. You sound so sure of yourself to risk 500.00 bucks don't you?
If your BCash prophecies are correct, 10 million satoshi's will be worth $1000 when BCash hits $10k. Are you sure enough of yourself to take that chance?