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Technically not true. There are more retired vets than active soldiers, and those vets are trained to fight against those things.
They haven't fought against drones, modern equipment, or carriers, mostly just people in caves. The military is too large to take on the government at this point, look at US spending
They have not taken them on,but have been trained to. They also know what to expect from them. I use to say the same message as you are until some vets explained how it is possible.
Carriers and drones are also force multipliers, vets are only 7% of the US population
Vets may be only 7% of the population, but active troops are only 1% of the population.

With those 7% directing and training people a lot could be done.
I think they may be figuring way too many older and out-of-fighting-shape veterans in those projections, not really sure that anyone can stand up to the US govt with its full attention
Not with it's full attention, no. If it actually came to that though you know there would likely be a split in the military though.
Yeah that's very true, not everyone would be down with turning on the rest of their countrymen. Drones worry me because they could be automated, and wouldn't have that choice though