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Apple’s MASS SURVEILLANCE tool for iPhones
Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
replied 47d
Can you tell me what the spies here want ?
replied 41d
Apple says they only for scan for CP. But how it works is that they scan against fingerprints from a government run databases. But the NSA could upload redacted scans of leaked doc p1
replied 41d
Then anyone who stores the actual doc's in iCloud will be identified as holding CP, the finger print will match the redacted docs and the whistle blower would be caught. p2
replied 41d
Apple cannot control the scope of this surveillance due to the obvious injection vulnerability presented by scanning images against third-party database outside of their control.
replied 41d
replied 48d
Good on Appledore doing something to reduce the problem. Privacy is not a Trump card that overrides the problem. We need more companies to do something.