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Yesterday 180551-179361=1190 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈19.1%
Looks like we get more and more use. Great to see.
Users just crossed 3500. That's a drop in the bucket compared to the other social media sites. But it's growing. That's the important thing.
That's 3500 users with $money$ !!!
Collectively there are million of Satoshi here, I have even seen some multi satoshi millionaires here.
And off memo, we own a couple of Billion USD.
If you include every friend/relative/acquaintance of everyone with an account on, then there is a chance that the total amount of net wealth is around there. Maybe.
Exactly. I think, this will take some time, since this is a new type of social media, people need to get used to.
The stats say 3k names set. Where do you see 3500?
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the stats. USERS:3509
Ok I see. 👍😊👍
At the beginning(100 days ago), there were about 2k memo txs every day. Now only 1k txs in avg😢
Crypto service usage usually track price pretty well. When prices are down so is activity. Memo's fate is dependent on BCHs fate.
I think also if you had an iOS and Android app you'd see a huge increase in usage...
have we got a chart for memo usage? i would expect a large impulse in the beginning due to excitement and then a drop off.
all we can do now is spread the word & hope giants come along
I think because it was hyped in the beginning. It is in general like that, I think.
Shitposting on the rise!
Literal turd posting as well, global censorship resistant, permissionless shitposting.
Memo will become a BCH fortified digital barracks in the 100-year meme war.
That fontsize though... 😏