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how to troll the ABC-chain - have an extended multi-day stress-test, by creating ~50MB worth of TXs every 10 mins -> SV will eat all of it while ABC will fall over, accumulate a queue worthy of BTC; ABC-fees will moon
And spammers will finally bankrupt
Also, if you want to make the fees to 'moon' you also need to constantly increase the fees of your spam.
Let us know how that works out for you. Just try and be competent about setting it up, lest someone adjusts their node to replay Txs into SV and you choke on your own attack
You know very well, that SV can not handle 50MB every 10 minutes. The sustained throughput is more in range 10 to 15 MB every 10 minutes. BCH can handle that, too.
50 MB every 10 mins? Thats a lot of money being burnt just to troll.