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If you want more Dan Larimer [ Steemit ] all I can say is 'have fun' =
Thanks for all those extremely biased links that only parrot buzzwords.
Now maybe do some unbiased research on what EOS actually is and has already achieved and you may see some truth.
Another example is the Steem blockchain which has three hard-coded named permission levels: owner, active, and posting.
(These are from the EOS whitepaper -
The EOS.IO software introduces a new blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.
This is achieved by creating an operating system-like construct upon which applications can be built. The software provides accounts, authentication, databases...—>
asynchronous communication, and the scheduling of applications across many of CPU cores or clusters. The resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that may ultimately —>
ultimately scale to millions of transactions per second, eliminates user fees, and allows for quick and easy deployment and maintenance of decentralized applications
in the context of a governed blockchain.

That was the first paragraph of what you sent me.
I dont see anything negative there. It all sounds great.
A blockchain based on the EOS.IO software recognizes that power originates with the token holders who delegate that power to the block producers.
The block producers on all blockchains have the power to select which transactions are included in blocks which gives them the ability to freeze accounts.