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| [149MB] – This is the entire collection, zipped up, with zero processing. This is in its original form.

[CIA UFO Collection CD-ROM Contents](https://documents2.theb| – Searchable .pdf Conversions – [342MB] – This .zip file contains all of the above files, however, they have been| converted to searchable .pdf documents. Keep in mind, searchable .pdfs are NOT perfect. Many of these documents are poorly photocopied, so the computer can only “see” so much to| convert for searching. However, through various tests, the search capability is MUCH better than the above CD contents with only .txt outputs.

Original Releases – Archived

The| following are the original releases going back to about 1997. The above CD-ROM should include the records below as well, but they are archived here for reference.

[PDF File #1 (32| Megs)]( | [PDF File #2 (35 megs)](

[Central Intelligence| Agency releases multiple documents after a request was filed to the DIA in 2009]( [65 Pages, 1.37MB] Released| September of 2009 – These records prove the CIA is still collecting intelligence in regards to UFOs, and that material from just the past few years is considered a threat to our| national security.