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Mercado Libre is the worst ebay imaginable, #Venezuela urgently needs a better platform. Big opportunity.
replied 100d
Let's invest In creating one tho 🚀
replied 100d
I could build that within a few months while training some venezuelan coders to maintain it. How much do you want to invest? Mercado Libre takes 10% on each trade, huge margin.
replied 95d
Interestingly . . Do send me a dm to discuss details
replied 94d
There is no DM on, here is my email: [email protected] or @coinector on Telegram
replied 93d
Okay bro thats cool . .
replied 93d
Telegram message from @GoodVibescz . . . cheers
replied 100d
there are a lot of free markets on the net, the problem is in the "censorship" censorship never works together with the free market ...