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· 21d
Going to file a class action lawsuit for over a trillion dollars against owner of

I had high-value tokens, you promised me a uncensored permisionless network. You removed them all. Get your lawyers ready.
Our high-value tokens just vanished :( This is wrong.
replied · 20d
City bus guy, I think I've always got on well with you but dude. Jim is a toxic element in your community, he wants to destroy memo users profile pages ffs. That's wrong dude :-(
I'm not sure how I can explain this to you Calm_Down_Stupid, so I will go with a metaphor. "“Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.”
George Lucas admitted that Star Wars was heavily influenced by Campbell.
I can go on with James Cameron and Steven Spielberg.
replied · 20d
CBDB is no better at all, it just takes a brief look at his posting history.
replied · 20d
OK. So /u/jim-btc the non-famous redditard who everyone said was "talking shit" caused to make emergency fixes last night. What happens when state boots come after BCash?
replied · 19d
You see war.
replied · 20d
Which of your "high value" tokens vanished?