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I mean, I thought the BCH community of all ppl would really like that one given what happened with blockstream. With Dash, no worry about 'where the money comes from'.
If the BCH community thought Dash was the way to go, they would have just jumped to Dash instead of creating BCH. Dash has been out since what? 2014?
That's actually what I'm saying. I mean, I used to be btc then went to dash years before BCH happened. You guys are like our little brothers lol. Same philosophy, but don't like us.
Dash has been out 4 years and dropped from 6 to 12. Bitcoin Cash has only been out a little over 1 year and is 4th. Give BCH 4 years and Dash will be crushed like a bug.
Actually, if you look at only mineable coins, Dash is 6th, and if you go by fair value Dash >>>
So if you go by as you say. Dash is $205 should be $283. BCH is $490 should be $1,171.
No matter how you slice it BItcoin Cash #BCH is better than Dash.
won't save you forever. Dash has been chugging along for 4 years, pushing innovations. There are 100+ forks of Dash using our tech and innovations. PIVX is one of them.
I didn't post that to mean that Dash was better than BCH price wise. Only that fairvalue is a better metric in general. BCH has firstmover advantage due to the btc chain. But that
🤖 1 BCH = 470.56$ 📉 -3.00%
Tips = fuel️
The thing is there only needs to be 1 or 2 coins that are money for the world period. Why does there need to be more? And the fair value website is a joke.It's not like crypto has a PE
The ones that grow faster will be the winners. PE is not required. It arrives a value independent of exchange prices. FV and price often converge, which means its an accurate model.
OK, and BCH already has more use cases, Meetups, and faster growing adoption in one year.
IDK about that, Dash is growoing exp. in Venezuela. already 3k stores accept it IRL. Meetups in Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, etc. all over. I guess we'll see.
I do know that, and that is why I am in BCH. Why are companies like Dish Network taking BCH and no Dash especially since Dash was out first? Hmm
Because a lot of the cryptosphere believed FUD and lies from the XMR community, so Dash is not given the respect it deserves. But it has outinnovated BTC for 4 years now...BCH too...
Oh give me a break. Nobody has more fud going around than on BCH. EF Hutton just gave BCH a 5 star rating. despite all the fud. They didn't even look at dash. LOL. Give it up already
What's EF H.? Dash has been fighting FUD from the xmr, ltc and btc core camps for 4 years, you have no idea what you're talking about. Since before you were a community, son.
I have no idea what I am talking about and you don't even know who EF Hutton is? LOL.
Oh, I don't care about legacy. I made my money in crypto. Crypto's all I know so make fun if you will *shrug*
When EF Hutton speaks, people listen.
Fair value either represents assets and Liabilities of a company or the price between buyer and seller. So the fair value has to be the current price. Nothing more.
Right, except when there is speculation. Therefore when you see price and fair value not converging, you know price discovery is occurring. If too long, its manipulation.