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replied · 325d
Not every one. Not mine. I’m 100% on BCH since October 3rd last year, and now 100% SVpool.
replied · 323d
I'm 100% BCH since August 1 2017, the day of the BCH-BTC fork. PM me on reddit if you want to hash it out more. I will keep hoping you come back to promote Bitcoin Cash.
replied · 322d
Bitcoin Cash is redundant (peer-to-peer electronic Cash Cash) and ABC has mutilated it. I need what Satoshi envisioned and hope u fight for what you see as the true Bitcoin one day too
replied · 321d
I promote it every day. I think "ABC has mutilated it" is empty rhetoric. What do you think about a `miner_id` soft fork? Is that ok with you? Where do you think it is going?
replied · 325d