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I chat to Emin Gün Sirer, professor at Cornell and founder of Ava labs, about the coin he is building on top of Avalanche: "Ava".
These kinds of educational chats are valuable to anyone,
especially to those who choose to disagree with the specifics.
Well done young lady !
replied · 68d
Thanks :) I appreciate that
Well done? She is again peddles a fucking scamcoin for money.
replied · 68d
I WISH it were for money. Feel free to donate, on here or on bitbacker would be great, thanks @TheLegendaryTwatter 😘😘
I'll donate again....once you've grown a spine.
replied · 67d
Can't wait!
replied · 69d
Gonna watch this! Thanks for share
replied · 68d
Thanks so much for watching! :)
ah, you continue to be a fucking shill. ok.
replied · 68d
How do you define "shill"?
Is it possible to talk about a project without "shilling" it? Just curious...
replied · 69d
Not watching. I am tired of fixing this guy's tweets already!