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Facebook and Twitter keep agenda-pushing social justice, climate change, and voting drives on me. Parler keeps pushing Trump stuff. What if I want to make up my own mind on the content I want to see? 🤔🤷‍♂️
replied 8d
Making up ones own mind is so passe. We’re now supposed to pledge allegiance to one pseudo-tribe or another and denounce every counter-doctrinal opinion as a conspiracy theory.
replied 8d
You just summarized almost everything we need to survive.
The current trends are against unity of any description at any level.
Peaceful tolerant collaboration could help+.
replied 8d
Look on the sunny side of this problem:
Exposing these tactics
could pay "lockdowned" people who want to earn BCH.
All they need to do is start writing about it over on Read.Cash
replied 8d
I absolutely DESPISE Twitter and Crypto-Twitter even more so.