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replied · 20d
So is my idea doable?
This is basically address blacklisting. Regulated exchanges already do it, but in the grand scheme of things it's useless.
P2P money is liberating, but it also places responsibility on the user.

Based on the past 10 years I think it came before its age. People are just too dumb to "get it".
replied · 18d
I appreciate your input. When I read about how much was being stolen like when exchanges get hacked and millions are gone I got angry.
Also, millions were stolen due to weak random generators too. Not to mention the tendency of users to throw money at any scam that promises any returns...
replied · 18d
What are random generators?
A lot of exchange "hacks" are nothing more than the owners exit scamming.
The fundamental problem of such a beautiful idea
is the need for an impossible scheme
to justify coin confiscation.
Who would =everyone= trust to inflict confiscation ?
replied · 20d
When robbery is recorded like on exchanges, ect. Sometimes people get hacked, and there's evidence. They won't fake it cause there would be no gain.
replied · 20d
Thanks so much for responding. I'v been waiting for hours for someone to give input.
It is a gnarly problem,
to be sure.
Silence usually indicates
you have posted something that treads 'in deep waters'.
replied · 19d
Is my understanding of how it works correct? I'm not referring to morally. I mean technically.