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CSW is a giant douchebag. His credibility is long gone.
True but it doesn't mean SV is bad. It would be great if NCHAIN could just move along without him.
Well apparently he wants to make BCH permissioned by the SEC. CSW litterally lost the plot.
Not wanting to "please" any government, but not giving them any legal reason to be able to shut it down, while ABC are doing exactly that, giving them reason to shut it down.
Yeah well they can try for all I care.
But he is right. The reality is Crypto will never be anything without passing regulatory hurdles
It litterally can't at the protocol level since BCH is global and boarderless. SEC isn't the world's financial police.
where did he say this? I've tried looking though his medium posts but there was too much ranting & too little substance. & I don't think bitcoin should be trying to please US gov.
It was on Twitter, along with a bunch of rambling.
I think the context was more that law is law, and rather than try to break the law it's best to act within the law, you will gain more ground and eventually limit the power of gov.
some systems cannot be changed from within. better to do what we think is right than tip toe around arbitrary laws.
Not true in many cases. Think of the natural world, parasites work from within and are very successful. I would rather sap the strength of government for a while, then change it
“Starving the beast” doesn’t seem to be very effective
eg virus hijacks cell machinery to run it’s own genetic code to change phenotype instead of using the existing system, chromosomal crossover events in gametes, to change phenotype.
My point is that it's a viable strategy to change government by first stealing their capital, get them low on energy first, then change them.
Earn money, but use it to buy bitcoin and move your store of value off of their system. This starves them of capital by diluting their money. We keep all the good money,
We sap them first, then we let them fail, and then we come in with a working alternative monetary system to replace the failed one.
Trying to battle them when they have such a huge system is hard to do,,, they have unlimited printing press money. Step one is to create our own money, then simply move to it.
agree, it could work, but it will take a very long time. more than likely we will see an outside force precipitate a fundamental change by the time internal changes gain any momentum.
yes parasites are often physically within their host but they operate orthogonally to the existing system.
Inability to change the system from within seems to be true for monolithic human systems with large momentum (eg govs, organized religions, large companies)
LOL, you are using too strong the words. He is just keeping bitcoin legal, i.e. users out of trouble with the law.
So how long until cross border bitcoin transactions require declaration? Build a capital gains tax reporter into the protocol? Txs worth more than $10k require valid gov id?
Gov doesn’t like competition, even on their terms (legally)
rant is too strong of a word?
No, there's nothing wrong with CSW or Nchain. The only people who have a problem with them are children.
I agree, so many people hate. All I see is a guy who is doing his thing and building stuff.
"building stuff" as in copying the ABC replay protection and threatening to re-org the ABC chain?
What do you mean by copying the replay protection?? Please explain. and yes, getting rid of the fat is useful work and must be done.