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Don't listen to the voices of confused slaves... Make your own experience. Yes of course you can enter, Venezuela is a lovely welcoming place. You just have to apply for a VISA. Try it
replied · 8d
Do you know any #Venezuela devs? I'd love to coach a team from there in the upcoming SLP hackathon.
Telegram channel:
Yes I do know a few but they are busy working for money just like 99% of all the devs worldwide. Come to visit this place ASAP & stay here to support adoption, we must do it ourselves.
replied · 7d
That's why I was thinking a #Venezuela team would be a great idea. $2,000 USD in prizes so far, and there will probably be more. If anyone wants to start an #SLP team contact me.
How to contact you?
replied · 6d
You can message me on Twitter: @christroutner
Contact me on Telegram: @christroutner
Send me an email: [email protected]