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replied · 341d
If you ever get why these are explanations why you might go back and see how it was being spuoon fed to you, and you just couldn't see it.
You have now started filling the previous hole that I talked about. You have even started to change your stance by now to something completely different from what it was in the start
replied · 341d
Originally I was talking a out freedom of movement, and how governments shouldn't be able to restrict people from coming and going across the border. Like the EU, but globally.
All that remains now is to start pretending that this is what you said the whole time. We shall see if you are sufficiently dishonest to go there
replied · 341d
I have not changed on that at all. You have just been saying that chang happen by comparing it to private property.
OK, that answered that question. You are that dishonest.
Projecting again. And you use my words against me almost immediately after I use them. This stinks of intellectual dishonesty.
replied · 341d
It is mocking, not intellectual dishonesty. Lol
It really is not easy to understand when you are being honest. Honestly, your logic is so flawed that I cannot tell if you are just trolling at the best of times. Please don't do that.
replied · 341d
My logic has been consistantly and sound. You just keep hand waving things away.
So this just shows that you are a kid with some big words. You have no idea what you are talking about. You have totally made a fool of yourself.