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· 153d
Today only proved again how resilient Bitcoin Cash is. I'd like to see any other coin get attacked as much as BCH and survive. If BCH is going to topple the current financial system, it needs to be tested. #dailymemo
replied · 153d
Yep These are good tests while still in speculative state BCH has the best developers in the World, working on it. Very exciting.
replied · 153d
Yes. It will be attacked by governments for sure.
replied · 153d
BCH: A 1-time event caused transaction confirmation to be delayed for a few hours. The bug was fixed, and now all transactions confirm quickly again.
replied · 153d
BTC: Transaction confirmations that don't pay a premium are always delayed by hours as a matter of design due to incompetent central planning.
replied · 152d
Ufffff, the way they repelled the attack was terrific and brilliant.
Congratulations!!!, BCH network team, great work.
replied · 153d
Haha 'attacked' +5