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| the handle, which he does.

I ask him why I should pay him for it when Twitter would probably re-assign to me if I reported it.

This question seems to upset Mr. Chelou, and he sends| me abusive messages.

I rate him as 1/5 on member. note, other members have blocked him or given him similarly poor ratings.|xqsKoK5E7sLhLe now has a grudge is now following me around the internet like a piece of toilet paper on my shoe.

Feliz is also persuing a vendetta against @georgedonnelly| in a similar way.

Fortunately, this is the kind of dispute that Member's reputation system is set up to handle - if you want to rate my behavior, please do so here -

To rate, here's the link -

We don't| have time to delve into these beefs when they arise - that's what the member reputation system is for - you can just get a snapshot of the views of people you trust for a dispute| like this, without having to try follow the details.