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Why #DASH is 12x faster than #BTC & 24x faster than #BCH on Coinbase, even without activating Instantsend yet?
replied 596d
Because dash is a great project, i'd dare to say the best BTC fork
replied 598d
But doesn't DASH have small tiny block like Bitcoin?
replied 595d
I believe they're at 4mb (faster blocktimes though)
replied 595d
2 MB every 2.5 minutes.
replied 595d
I just checked their codebase and it appears you're right. Although I remember there being a vote about increasing to 4mb ??
replied 595d
#DASH simply works, has never had any issue with block size nor tx fees as it was never involved in a political war, nor highjacked by outside interests #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap