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In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 59 votes · 12,352 satoshis
BSV 43 votes · 14,121 satoshis

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I am not buying any BSV coins, so if they choose BSV I am gone. However if BSV decided to add replay protection and I get the free BSV split coin, I would stick around.
If chooses BSV, the protocol will still live on in BCH but under different management and hosted in a different domain. Work is already underway.
BSV definitely
I prefer that memo is functional.
Statistically indistinguishable in number of voters, a clear win in tips on the BSV side
Seems as though the tune has changed:

Wonder how the tune would have sounded had BSV been just a tad higher than BCH still at this time.
Small pool. But it's obvious if you remove the BTC trolls BCH is the clear winner.
If social media voting is the new bitcoin consensus, then it failed.
Why? It's the public that's going to use the crypto. Not a handful of miners.
Go vote for what cars Ford makes. Your Marxism slip is showing, Comrade.
And I will add many companies do surveys to determine what the public wants. That's essentially the same thing as voting.
Your suggestion is noted and will be taken under advisement. Have a nice day.
Sorry I will never buy a ford. I use Toyota
Memo protocol works on both chains. Don't forget to back up private keys
You're not going to go by the popular opinion, are you, @memo ;)
Either way, there is going to be a drop off unless memo supports both.