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BCHjeepney and
Hey, I love BCH!!!
Testing 60k blast
Im assuming someone has to send the txns because i havent seen activity on txhighway yet from txblaster from 0.2BCH sent.
technical difficulties.. not yet ready for use.. spit tx were sent then thread crashed.. 0.2 lost into the splittx ether. on the house. (i'll tip it back to u)
Thank you. Let me know when it’s ready. I’m going much heavier on September 1st. I don’t mind txblaster taking a portion for the work done
Testing txblaster
There is little nutritional value in turds, do not believe the corrupt Turd companies, they only want your hard earned shit.
Testing 10k Blast Action!
hhhmmm... will be able to handle an increase in traffic during stress test day?
I was wondering the same thing.
we are talking about increasing the next test to 5x as big,
see what happens!
New Independence Day is Aug 1st - Bitcoin Cash Day!
blaster stresstest test
Show me how you blast txns :)
Watch this!!!
Watch what? Sorry I just woke up. What did I miss?
Hey txblaster, show me what you got :)
0.077 :(
test test2
Time to get some Bubbly ready!
Big Thanks to the StressTest Team
Look at me now BCH

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