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I rather think we just prevented it by not letting SV being the majority chain.
ABC - Another blockstream company.

Does SV shills have anything constructive to offer? Just a tad bit?
We are here to make Bitcoin Cash again and not to castrate it at 32MB.
How is that propagation and orphaning working for you at the moment? :-)
Shill implies i'm being paid. I am not. I give money away.
I simply support the white paper which Bitcoin ABC (a blockstream company) is again trying to subvert.
How are they subverting the whitepaper?
The ABC devs are basically all Blockstream drones.
Bitcoin ABC (Another Blockstream Company)
They laughed at you guys when they came up with that.
More fud
do you have a link to this?
I sure do.
i'd like to read it if you're willing to post it.
Why aren't the stress test txs replayed on the ABC chain? Nothing substantial has been added to SV to make bigger blocks possible. ABC/BU can handle that too.
That's what we have been trying to say since 2011. lol
Then why did they fork away from larger blocksizes? Because they never plan on increasing the blocksize. You guys get jihans wormhole aka LN.
What are you talking about? There's nothing to increase, the blocksize cap is ADJUSTABLE, miners can set it to what ever they want.
How is wormhole anything like LN? Please stop making random parallels between things that have nothing obvious in common. It really doesn't help me understand your point.
Yep, lightning network was supposed to be for faster transactions. Wormhole is for smart contracts. Bitcoin Faucet is a douche. Every post is FUD.
LN and Wormhole are similar in function. LN requires smart contracts, Wormhole supports smart contracts. A perfect fit.
Wasn't BSV supposed to be turing complete?
What's does that have to do with supporting LN?
More Fud.
yeah… that’s great and all but doesn’t support your claim that “The ABC devs are basically all Blockstream drones.”
this one work?

How many ABC updates have there been since the fork? 5?
What are you changing? What are you afraid of?
I just want a link to info about ABC being related to blockstream. dont really care which one wins out (obvi own equal number of each)
Yep the ABC Blockstream comparison is just FUD. it's created by sore losers.
Does the fact that they are overtly acting in the same way mean anything to you? Or is it not real unless it's on a webpage?
If they are acting in the same way, then why didn't they just stick with BTC?
I cannot read the minds of the ABC decision makers, I think they are making a mistake.
Dude. Bitmain is by far biggest crypto company. They own way more BCH than BTC. I think they know what they are doing way more than your opinion. LOL
Doesn't look like it.
What it looks like is CSW is playing the drums on your ass.
I trust my own opinion 99% of the time. I'm not always right but I always learn as much as possible.
Well I give you that. Everybody should trust their own opinion more.
Yes it does! Isn't she amazing? 😍
Faketoshi does it again. LOL
These "software bottlenecks" take weeks to fix and roll out. Not years.
SpaceX built an entire fleet of space ships in less time than it took to deploy segwit.
This is not an argument. Making and flying a rocket is nothing like deploying a change in a protocol. You are comparing apples to oranges.
They also created a fake stress test to show they couldn't create 32MB blocks.
But SV just mined a 64MB block and is pumping out 32MB blocks at will.
... scale linearly. So just because we can do 33 to 65 doesn't mean that we'll go faster. If you don't parallelize the block verification how will you take advantage of multicore CPUs?
Maybe you should read the SV road map.
Q1 2019
Thanks for the link. I did go through it. So SV is planning to add multithreaded verification of blocks. But it doesn't answer how you can handle a stream of 128mb blocks right now.
Who said anything about a stream? Blocks are produced on average every 10 minutes.
Most decent servers can process 128MB block in about 5 to 10 seconds.
Also, ordering information doesn't grow linearly as the blocks increase in size. So CTOR will be an immense boon for graphene when blocks get huge.
... it. But if you say that most servers can already handle it then cool. Will they be able to handle it with DSV as well btw? Is it more complex than normal sigverify or same cmplxty?
Interested too for dsv. I think it's the same thing but I'm not sure
It should be the same complexity as normal sig verify but I guess you can put many of them in one TX. Otherwise Ryan's point about DSV being a subsidy doesn't make sense.
True, it really doesn't make sense.
Yeah it's a stream of blocks, one per 10min. Ideally you'd want the median server to be able to *easily* handle processing the blockchain so that people can build services on top of...
This network is intended for miners and merchents not people running rasberry pi's.
So why didn't CSW install the "Original Bitcoin Protocol" in the last update? Shouldn't have that been the first thing they did?
What's in the oringal white paper thats not in SV?
That's not answering the question.
I'm not sure about this one as I don't know the details of the test but first of all, one 64MB block doesn't mean much, it needs to show sustained rate. Secondly, some things don't...
By adding CTOR (jihan patent) and OP codes that are not included in the whitepaper.
Also the next fork will include a "maliablity fix" that is basically another form of segwit.
The problem with Segwit was never that it fixes transaction malleability. The problem was that it reduced the incentive of miners to witness signatures in order to get the TX fees.
1)CTOR is not patented. It is a simple sorting order. 2) Mal.fix != Seggregated Witness
1) Yes, but ASIC boost which is used to implant CTOR is patented.
2) Any decoupling of the txid from the tx is Segwit. Mal.fix === Seg wit
CTOR does not have anything todo with ASICBOOST. Mal. fix can be done in several ways.
ASICBoost is transaction ordering.
CTOR is transaction ordering.
ASIC Boost is the hardware implmentation of CTOR. They are one and the same.
I read it. I don't see any reason why a patent on ASICBOOST would stop someone from using CTOR. Can you explain in more detail?
More Fud
Hey look the retard that posts evey 15 min all day long and is not a shill is BACK! Whoohoooo
More Fud
Septmike you're acting like a bot. You keep posting the same thing over and over again.
You keep posting fud over and over again.
But you keep posting every hour 24 hours a day. Do you ever sleep?
You must love roger so much.
Interesting you have 231 followers and follow no one. Who are you really? You are clearly here just to spread fud.
I follow the Bitcoin Whitepaper.
Said the sock puppet.
And I only have 1365 actions since June. That is dinky compared to some of the people on here.
You are still making shit up. Go look at my posts, there is at least a 10 hour spread between one post and another post.
Ok, fair enough. But I suppose you need to project when the 100% centralized 3 SV miner cartel manages to rek their own network with the Satoshi Shitgun, and couldn't bring down ABCs.
a 2 block reorg happens at least once a month, it's a non issue. It is however making 10 to 32 mb blocks while ABC is making an average of 0 MB blocks.
You have one miner...Jihan
One Miner???? BCH has 6 Mining pools. SV has 4. And leads the way, not Antpool. Not sure what you are smoking.
He is smoking CSW's farts.
Yeah those are all jihans miners.
Well if you are going to go that route, then the 4 pools on the CSW side are all CSW miners. LOL
Do you think SV will produce 128 mb blocks full of legit transactions by telling everyone to piss off?
This eco system is not the target audience. This is bigger than what a bunch hobbyist devs on reddit think.
And what is the target audience you are targeting by telling it to piss off exactly?
This is the result of big blocks without fixing bottlenecks first.
SpaceX built a fleet of space ships in the same time it took blockstream to release segwit.
Fixing problems in software takes weeks not years.
SpaceX built nice CGI footages.
orpahns are a natural occurance on this network. Its up to miners to fix, not devs paid by special interest. Now that miners have control of the software they can make it work
You mean Craig?
SV have 0 network effect. They shitted on it and put it on fire. Their leadership is arogant, abrasive, divisive. Good luck with any of that.
Now 64 MB block by coin geek.
ABC is not even a company.
Just More Fud.
When you took your profile pic where you going for the, hey look at me i'm a retard look?
When you took your profile pic were you going for the "I am nothing" Look? Or the I am so fuck*ing ugly I can't even put my pic on here look?
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I think that ABC stands for Another Blockstream Company.
You are such a moron. If that's what ABC was doing then they wouldn't own a hell of a lot more BCH than BTC. They own much less of BTC because of blockstream. Stop spreading fud.
I think that SV stands for Shit Version.
OMG that's so funny.
Aren't we using SV by default on here?
we use both here on Memo. Ryan chose SV for and Moneybutton.
Two polar bears strangling each other.
Ryan has tied himself legally to CSW and his patents.
I will use Memo until I am out of sats. After that I will only use it if I can deposit ABC coins, since I will propably sell my BSV tokens.