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New ShapeShift beta platform is pretty nice.

Finally a sexy client for my KeepKeys.
replied 589d
Shapeshift also has a great wallet functionality to store funds. Kudos to this post for the awareness it shows everyone here in the cryptosphere.
replied 588d
Great platform.

It’s a brilliant platform.

Love being able to login and see the balance / value of my keepkey funds even when it’s locked away in the safe.
replied 595d
But is KYC still required?
replied 594d
No idea, I KYC'd with them, but I doubt you'll need it just to access the platform (KeepKey / portfolio features / etc). To trade, yes.
replied 595d
no fiat <-> crypto gateway can operate without AML/KYC for long.
replied 595d
Unless it's decentralized.
replied 595d
handling fiat means inherent centralisation.
replied 595d
True, I was thinking more along the lines of, which doesn't act as a centralized intermediary for fiat, just a centralized "meeting place" for p2p exchanges.
replied 595d
Unless fiat currencies migrate to the p2p model which will never happen as banks would lose a lot of control.