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replied 241d
is there any good discussion about why blockchain has no minimum time interval ?
1-minute block intervals should be precluded by design but guessing there is justification ?
replied 240d
What you are referring to would be a new consensus rule then. Interesting idea, but I'd think at least 5 min before another block would be better. Could be unintended consequences.
replied 240d
This is exquisitely difficult to believe that there is no visible discussion about this.
There must have been some discusion about this
somewhere, somewhen, by someone.
replied 241d
Shorter block intervals means higher orphan risk, also, you would need to wait more confirms for the same level of certainty.
replied 241d
What I refer to are all the very fast blocks that occur when hash goes up.
There should be a hard limit mechanism to enforce a 10minute minimum time between blocks.
or Why not ?
replied 237d
Why not: Disincentivizes competition, could just result in miners shutting off their equipment for ~9m after every new block or easier attack vectors
replied 241d
That is what the automatic difficulty changes aim to achieve.
replied 241d
Fails "to achieve".
A simple automated block rejection
based upon timestamps less than 600seconds from the previous block.
Instead we pay for empty blocks in diarrhetic spurts.