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replied 246d
I think that member (Reddit on the blockchain) is the **upper limit** of what should be stored on the blockchain as content.I'm curious if users will write **longer texts** on member now, since member supports **markdown**.
replied 245d
Unless the blockchain is specific to storing such content. Say a sidechain linked to the main chain. .
replied 245d
Unusual Uther
replied 245d
Yeah well, sidechains are not blockchains unless you have machines mining them. Then at that point they are barely sidechains.
replied 243d
I won't be the judge of that. But honestly (no pun intented) storing large articles seldom makes sense. But I think having an option to pay for storing certain articles could be(--^ attempt at fixing my sentence :-p) usefull. But default behaviour should be storing on the blockchain, because it if often not neccessary.
replied 243d
But default behaviour should NOT be storing on the blockchain (arrrgh).
replied 243d
I did just now, and I failed :-p
Forgetting a "not" makes my text nonsense :-)
replied 243d
Try to write a memorandum using
# Titel
## section
### subsection

Text marked **bold** and *Italic*.