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If you live in Europe I can recommend this webshop that take BCH and other cryptos. They have all kinds of stuff! They deliver to most places in Europe!

#adoption #spend #spedn #bitcoin #bch
replied 200d
Thanks for sharing - just one comment on this: right now, they do not seem to deliver goods outside of Germany...
replied 199d

Their concierge service still ships outside Germany -

replied 200d're right. Let's hope they change it again soon.
replied 200d
At least, it seems to be on their to do list, we'll see how fast they'll manage to reinstate EU wide shipping...
replied 200d
Yes. Let's see :-)
replied 200d
"ShopinBit now only delivers within Germany. Shipping to the European Union will be reintroduced later. The Concierge Service continues to offer product shipping to the entire EU."