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Let's play Remote View!
Q: What my cup looks like - color, text & pic on it?
(Arcfour, CBC)
Cipher: 4pFLB1d6cDgVs24+iOd4HY+5bDK2oiPykk1V+ow=
key for decrypt after guess
replied 11d
ok, solution for yesterday's game
key: remote2

take cypher and check on page what it is
replied 12d
It's red, has a handle on both sides, and says "Best Aunt" on it.
replied 12d
nope, let's wait on others, maybe someone else wanna try
replied 12d
replied 12d
n00b you shld answer in normal text, then check if you get it right after I give u a key for my cypher. Last time bregecko played
replied 12d
OK (i think).
Your cup has pic of thing with wings on it.
replied 12d
nope, let's see maybe somebody else will join
replied 12d