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It's almost creepy - a bullsih bat
Sorry buddy, you're drawing these wrong.
This link mentions "between 1.618% – 2.618" another doc I was reading says it's either 1.618 or 2.618 and not "something in between". 1.618;2.618 is not the same as 1.68-2.618
This would've been a valid Gartley but it invalidated.
Notice how much volume it needed to get past the horizontal resistance @553
Why cant you slide D to 2 green after the huge spike? Down trend is right there, as it should be.
Here's a Bat I'm watching for now
D can't go higher than X for Gartleys or Bats. Entry for a Gart is .786, .886. They both invalidate if D exceeds X. It's up to you whether to stay in the trade or stop out.
not higher, just horizontally right. you have a small green candle right there, at the same price level, after the huge spike.
yeah yeah, you're right. Could be any time, I just put it there so you could see it easily. I didn't trade this one but the short entry would've been when that fat 3:00 candle hit $547
Just because that's the rule for the pattern. In this case it would've been a great trade, perhaps it's a different pattern that I don't know, but it's not a valid Gartley pattern.
Here's the Gartley Imma take if it ever gets the hell up there
you know how to do a fib extention on the trading view charts? Here, I drew one for you so you can see the entry and take profit points.
This is exactly why I was asking :) Thanks for the link.