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1 family picture & few degenerate perverts whos shitty genes are removed from the gene pool for good. #LGBTQ - every letter is a mental illness
The nuclear family is the new counter culture.
I’m sorry. Did you just say that #LGBTQ is a mental illness???
> Did you just say that #LGBTQ is a mental illness???
Yes, it is. Do you know how the classifications got removed? It's a fascinating story of threats & bulling by aggressive perverts
Do you know what Psychological Projection is?
When someone obsessively accuses someone else of the exact thing they themselves are. You should become more accepting of yourself.
Projection? LOL. Nice try. Why don't you look up how those poor mentally ill lost their classification. It's about seriously obsessive sick perverts harassing APA members and so on.
Yeah alright. All LGBTQ are sick perverts harassing APA members are they??? Omg. Do you even hear yourself? Your blinded by your own hate and you blame others for it. Projection.
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I mean, you mentioned before that you have a wife and kids. Do i really need to fill in the blanks?
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I mean, unless your asexual, you are a pervert. I envy asexuals, they have the moral high ground to say they don't think perversely about anyone.
"I mean, unless your asexual, you are a pervert" - V, maybe it's time for you to find a reliable dictionary ;)
Most parents are perverts apparently:P
Sexual desires are a biological mean to ensure repreduction of living species. Everybody knows that.
Then please stop using condoms and tell the girl to stop putting hormone pills or anything else into her body to prevent getting pregnant. I see perverted sex addicts all around me.
Don't be so angry.
I do not have any anger but how can I not be sad in this world of liars? I am disappointed & I use my energy to promote the solution to these issues: bitcoin & veganism & shamanism
I eat animals with no shame, because animals would eat me with no shame if they were given the opportunity.
Its not about shame its about enlightment. You are missing the positive effects on your physical and mental health which you can not realize with eating "normal" without trying vegan.
I was vegan all my childhood. I never noticed any difference since I started eating meat over my physical and mental health.
You can also smoke tobacco for many years without getting lung problems.
Yeah well the difference is that my body is meant to process meat in certain quantity.
You can believe whatever you want or maybe check out "The China Study" and save yourself from future cancer and heart disease.
If meat doesn't give me cancer, G5 network will.
Thats actually so true. The radiation is a huge problem. My father died from #cancer partially by wifi radiation. Many studies prove radiation causes illness. Julian Assange is next.
There are different kinds of radiation. You can get cancer or acute radiation sickness from high doses of ionizing radiation. Wi-Fi, not so much.
Unless you get the Ionizing Radiation Kind of Wi-Fi - The absolute best.

There were some people working in an old radar station, they got wifi, then later the got cancer:P
Probably not from the Wi-Fi though...
You never know! They installed Wi-Fi in a large retirement home, and several of the old people there died the next months. Same with hospitals that got Wi-Fi people died there.
I pretty much know. This would have been widely known if it was proven. Old people in retirement homes occasionally dying is normal.
I just think that it is funny to see people getting some new experience, diet, vitamin, tech, experience some change in health, and then link the together without question or testing.
So I should say right now that I am joking about the old peoples homes and hospitals, there is no data that I have seen suggesting that there is any link between mortality and Wi-Fi.
But this one old person was just 98 years young, and it was just a couple months between the wifi coming on and the person dying.
People smoke regardless of the risks. The same is true of eating meat. Even if the cherrypicked studies were true that meat was bad for you. People would still do it.
Some people smoke some cigarettes but most have stopped smoking. Watch back 50 years when smoking was still cool. Same thing happens to meat & milk. #veganism is growing exponentially.
Veganism is a cult and it's bad for the planet.
I'm fine with vegans - more meat for me!
Hey! Lay of the meat, don't eat it. I want it for myself:P
The mainstream media says the same about #bitcoin because they want to sell banking products. They also spread false information about #veganism because they want to sell animals.
Vegans and their endless rants are the reason why I have no wish to become one. I also love good quality beef, lamb, wild bore and venison and so on. Yummy stuff. Damn, I am hungry now
I agree. That's why I hate math.
Teachers giving the lectures about the importance of math and blah blah blah. Well let me tell you. Math is dumb. I mean, look at these teachers.
I guess severe lack of protein and other good stuff we get from meat causes you come up with something as idiotic as this. Go have a steak. Grass feed, free range - Wagyu beef. Yummy
I guess severe excess of protein causes you to be blind to the idiocy of the math argument is the same argument you made about vegans.
That's an understandable reaction, especially with how poorly many vegans communicate the message of veganism.
I've been looking at this myself.
Veganism: reduce suffering as much as possible.
I consider militant veganism a cult.
Yes, but you notice the adverse effects of smoking quickly. Dryness and irritation, etc.
Except there is nothing bad about eating meat. It is mostly a myth supported by cherry picked data.
If people think that eating meat is bad for them, then they will fee bad about eating meat. Which makes them eat more meat to fill that dark hole they have in their soul. (Joking).
Eating meat is not bad for you. This smells like google trolls.
Google Troll Meat is pretty healthy though.
Some animals might eat you. Others, probably not. But that's beside the point. People have moral agency and are (ideally) civilized/non-aggressive. Animals don't have these qualities.
A cow licked me once. Now my hair sticks up.
Pham, you should take a trip to Sub Sahara Africa. Moral agency. LOL. Lets talk when you get back. Hold on, are they even humans? Lets see what DNA says
Thus, there is no moral obligations toward them.
You may of course use force defensively against individual animals that attack you, but not against all the animals that leave you alone.
I will not use force against animals that leave me alone unless it is to satisfy my hunger.
You don't need to eat animals to satisfy your hunger. You might need to satisfy a habit, perhaps, but habits can and should be changed when it becomes known that they are destructive.
Eating plants also destroys them so the argument don't really stand. Humans are meant to eat meat just as the same wolves are meant doing so.
Plants are not sentient. What do you mean by "meant"?
Not that we know of now, but that can change in the future, plats may be sentient (I do not think so personally) but I am open for the possibility.
Sure, but we can only work within known science. All sorts of things that we haven't figured out yet can potentially be true, but taking such unknowns into account would be irrational.
We need to take the fact that we do not know into account at least. Just as it was not uncommon to view animals as non-sentient for sure in the past. We have no way of actually ->
-> measuring sentience, but we infer the likelihood from comparing the biology of humans and animals. But yeah, we have no clue about how consciousness works.
We can acknowledge the fact that we don't know everything, but we can't act based on things we don't know. Science or even doing anything rational would be impossible under such logic.
I mean biologically aligned. I am a biological machine that can process meat to survive, just as wolves.
You can, sort of, but you'll survive longer on plants.
I agree but not because of the meat itself but because of all the chemical crap they put in it.
No, it's the meat itself too.
Well this is yet to be proven which would be very a hard thing to. Either positively and negatively.
Are you measured by what you do with those in power, or those who are weak?
How we treat animals reflects on how we treat humans. Non-human animal abuse is the start of cannibalism.
I treat animals the same way they would treat me. It's as simple as that.
Many people forego eating animals because eating them supports the systems they abuse them in completely unnecessary ways. Animals would NOT abuse you. They may kill you and eat you...
Sorry, but my cat abuses me every waking day.
if you have cats, you deserve the abuse. #Fact: Only reason you are still alive is because cat(s) are to small. Yes, this is the only reason why your cat hasn't killed you by now.
My cat would be fine with just beating me into submission over and over again.
Seek help. You need it.
I absolutely would in that situation, a poacher or something like that.

I am sure your cats abuse is almost as bad as the farms where we raise animals for slaughter.
Have you ever visited a farm? Most of them treat their animals very decently.
Unless those farms are run by moslems. They rape their animals. #PoorGoats
Compare: halal slaughter with captive bolt pistol on a video search. I know which one I would prefer.
Then don't be a cheap fuck, buy free range & grass feed meat. Cost more but it also tastes better and wont give you cancer. Cancer is caused by injected growth hormones to cheap meat
Gozira, so if I cannot afford the much more expensive meat, it's okay if I go without eating the meat that is unethically and abusively farmed?
So if I am vegan because I cannot afford to eat quality, ethically sourced, meat, than you support me?
Support you how? Do you want a medal for eating grass? Go eat what ever you want. Don't tell me what to eat. If you force that shit on children and pets, you are a sick sadist.
I like that no matter what I eat, you will not object;)
Interesting response.
Thank you for the reply.
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In an age where we need people of quality over quantity, sex does more bad than good. Especially when we have the means to do without it.
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Yes, and paired with an inevitable lack of self control are the source of rape, pedophilia, fetishes etc. in the world.
"paired with an inevitable lack of self control" -> LGBTQ and the rest of the perverts.
You are terribly misguided. “Paired with an inevitable lack of self control” has nothing to do with being LGBTQ.
Plenty of straight people are perverts & lack self control.
What is so interesting about others having sex? Dont we have enough real issues to talk about & pay attention to? Sex topics are being used to preoccupy the population with nonsense.
Exactly right, and not only is it used to distract people from real issues (sport also), it is also used to destroy morality to make money out of it also at the same time.
Sex is never immoral if it happens with consent it is a positive behaviour. Eating animals is immoral because it involves pain, suffering and death. Lets talk about #veganism.
We have to eat animals, other animals eat us when we die, this is a natural cycle. Problem is with over consumption, problem is when people torture animals, when they have shit life.
We don't have to eat animals. Whether it's natural or not is irrelevant (argument from nature fallacy). Check out Dr. Michael Greger's work:
But their sooooo yummy! 🤤
want to read his book.
More stuff here:
I will read it when time permits.
I do not eat animals since 5 years, my health has improved incredibly. I believe it gives me peace & freedom. Animals eat animals but I am human. I see no reason to eat animals at all.
I stopped eating meat and my health became terrible. But that was just because I became ill, not because I stopped eating animals, did not become better after eating animals again:P
do you live in an area where there are a lot of vegans? I've traveled to places like that & it's easier to not eat meat (esp at great vegan restaurants).
I always find a way to eat something #vegan in any restaurant. Salads, potatoes, rice. But i mostly eat from supermarkets as I mostly eat raw cereals/seeds/nuts & raw fruits/veggies.
I like salads for a while but some of the more 'vegan hipster' foods are interesting & great tasting. love cereals/seeds/nuts & raw fruits/veggies.
It is interesting how diet advice is not universal. My health would deteriorate on a vegan diet. I need a lot of meat to stop from losing weight.
There are no magic nutrients in meat. Everything can be found in plants except some things that are really bad for you like cholesterol.
It is far harder to get all the proper amino acids for a full protein from vegetables. It is easiest with beef. Also cholesterol is not always bad. I need lots of protein and fat.
Balance is the most important thing for a diet. If you eat too clean your body has nothing to filter out; if you eat like shit then your body has more to filter out than it is capable
"It's far harder" doesn't mean anything. Everything is hard before you've figured it out. Then it's easy. Cholesterol is always bad.
It actually does mean something. When eating proteins you only actually get as much as whichever amino acid you get the least of. There is nothing wrong with eating meat.
@Pham, what is your agenda for promoting this diet?
Eckhart Tolle a spiritual teacher has publicly stated that eventually the body and mind will die.
Obviously. But why speed up the process?
Good point.
On a long enough timeframe the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
I agree.
hmm. oh yeah, I'm not trying to gain weight. would be tough on vegetables. & meat makes me feel too full. Nice to have every now and then or in small portions though.
Hare Krishna cook awesome veggie food. They used to run a restaurant in my town. Good stuff. Vegan hipster can just fuck off.
Best vegetarian food is Indian food. There's a place in Indianapolis called Spice Nation that's all you can eat. I go whenever I'm in town.
We don't have "all you can eat" places. At least I have never seen one. I have seen those in US. Food quality is shit, so I avoid. Quality over quantity keeps you healthy.
There's varying quality. I've found that restaurant quality/price ratio heavily depends on taxes and regulatory pressure. Also in bigger cities like Chicago there's restaurant cartels.
vegan hipsters or their food? as people they can be a little pompous but the food they make is really good
Yes we eat animals, problem with that is how we feed/grow and ultimately kill those animals. That is where immorality takes place, but consumers are not exposed to those immoralities.
You will never be able to sanitize the killing of animals for food. All you can hope for is to keep the practice obscured for as long as possible. Eventually, people will find out.
In fact, with LGBTQ making up only about 5% of the general American population you could argue there's far more perverts and people without control amongst heterosexuals than LGBTQ.
its 2-3% population but 40% of child molesters, 55% HIV cases, 82% syphilis, 37% of anal cancer and only 20% of LGBTQ adults are STD free.
92% of adopted children are abused by LGBTQ
That's a lot of stats, got anything to back any of it all up?
Too many numbers is enough for you to say "I won't believe it"? LOL. Those are all gov collected stats. Go look them up, and while you are at it, check out #LGBTQ "family" violence
Um no. I wasn't challenging you, I'm genuinely asking.
The child abuse numbers are pretty high in general for institutions, lower for adoptive parents in general but still pretty high. Step parents about 100x more likely to abuse the child
I appreciate this. I was more curious about 40% child molesters, 92% of adopted children abused by LGBTQ and 82% syphillus as those numbers seem outrageous, others not so much.
The disease rate stats are accurate (actually a bit to low), transgender men/women have even higher disease stats:
Cheers, thank you for the info! Very interesting!
The newest number I could find was 83% of Syphilis cases Bi/Homosexual men,
A side not to the child abuse in Lesbian/Homosexual adoptive households - it was often that the guardians gave access to the children to child molesters it counts the total abuse.
The Child Molester stat depends on what you count as children, molestation and homosexual/bisexual, and if you consider sexual abuse of a boy as homosexual or not, also what number ->
-> and criteria you use to select for what counts as Homosexual/Bi in in adults. Counting sexual relations with men or being exclusive with men, having had sex with women or not ect ->
-> so if you count abuse of boys as bi/homosexual then you get high numbers as a fact that people that sexually abuse children may have gender preferences but their interest are not ->
-> in adults, so men coupling up with other adult men (or women) to use as a way to get access to abusing children skews the stats. But the overall trend is that people that are ->
-> sexually and/or romantically interested and functional with adults do not abuse children, gay, bi or straight.
I do not have the relevant study comparing hetero married couples with adoptive lesbian/gay couples on hand, the numbers seemed pretty bad BUT compared to the abuse in institutions ->
-> it was comparatively not bad, and the takeaway was that abuse of children not with their biological parents is very high and that while there may be some difference between ->
-> on average hetero/lesbian/homosexual parents, the numbers are pretty high across the board and preferable compared to having the children in institutions instead of adoptive partent
So it is not a lesbian/homosexual/Hetero thing, it is more "Not your biological children" thing. Marriage with biological children best case scenario on average statistically.
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You clearly didn't exercise self control when you lusted after your wife. You certainly didn't exercise self control looking for a wife. You ARE a pervert.
V, speak for yourself and for fuck sake, please, get a dictionary and figure out what the word "pervert" means.
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Well, are the gays and the lesbians and the panwhateversexuals wrong simply because they use sex for a purpose other than biological reproduction?
I am going to recommend you for a medal. A gold medal in metal gymnastics and virtue signalling. BTW, you still have not told me why perverts should be not considered as mentally ill
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Probably because the people your calling perverts have done nothing wrong.
Trans trying to force everyone to use gender neutral pronoun so they can live their fantasy world without having their feelings hurt by reality is VERY wrong.
Ok your male correct?
I am only going to refer to you using female pronouns against your will from now on.
Yes ma’am.
Now you & your wife is are lesbians. Now your mentally ill.
Thank you for confirming how ridiculus these people are. When I refer to a person I refer to their chromosomes. I don't give a shit about how they feel about them.
No ma’am. The presence of testosterone or estrogen in the body is what determines gender. Chromosomes determine DNA & the genetics passed on from mother and father. Yr a silly woman.
I'm assuming you went to public school, and your parents left you in front of the TV a lot.
Chromosomes determine if u have a penis or a vagina. There are 2 possible combinations XX which will make u a female and XY which will make u a male. Hormones imballance is a illness.
It's not just Chromosomes. We have many XY Male chromosome people today with vaginas. And vice versa.
do you mean intersex people or people with a front hole?
People who have Sex Change surgeries. If you're born a man with XY and have a sex change surgery, you have a vagina and XY. Pretty simple.
ok... 😬
More concretely, is the SRY gene located in chromosome Y. There are several sex chromosome aneuploidies:
Of course, then gene expresion leads to hormone release which determines gender. For example, estrogen leads to brain masculinization under fetal development.
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Are you really so noble that you can make a permanent statement here that you never have sexual urges? or activity for the purpose of pleasure rather than strictly reproduction?
I have to guess you have not managed to find a dictionary, or if you have, you cant figure out how to use it. Good luck with that. Let me know, when you have managed to.
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That's what pervert means, "distort or corrupt the original course, meaning, or state of (something)" So, by definition any sexual act of pleasure is an act of perversion.
Keep reading. This is only a part of it.
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Yeah, doing something unnatural or unacceptable. That's just your opinion, and a fucking shitty one at that.
Puting a penis in a vagina for reproduction in natural. No one can deny that unless you are deeply retarded.Unnatural is puting a penis in an anus to reproduce yourself. Not gonna work
· 153d
No gay is having anal sex thinking they are going to produce a child... They are doing it for their own pleasure.
Their perverted pleasure, yes.
· 153d
So why exactly is a gay guy having sex for pleasure some morally degenerate thing, but someone hooking up on Tinder with a girl for a one nighter somehow more acceptable?
One is the normal sexual act, and one isn't.
argumentum ad populum
That sort of argument always wins over the crowds though, and we live in a democracy:P
yeah... I know 😔
I would argue that both are perverted but one is taking it a step further.
I have no problem with either. Those are victimless actions and it really is no ones fucking business.
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Why should you get to decide who people can have that pleasure with and how?
I don't but by definition doing so is definitely a perverted way of orienting pleasure meant for reproduction purpose.
No, that's religious bullshit, just moral judgment. Fortunately, freewill allows human being to have all kind of sex only for pleasure without caring about reproduction.
"perverted" means To put to a wrong or improper use; misuse. Nothing to do with religion.
When you attribute perversion to someone or someone, you're doing a moral judgment, it cannot be inferred by any science field. Moral judgments comes from culture and religion.
That requires you to first make the moral judgement that perverted is bad. Which someone could argue was not the case. Perverting the justice of an unjust law for example:P
You can call it a "moral judgment", but its also objective fact. Putting penis in anus = eating through your nose.
Why are you assuming a reproductive purpose on sex? Are you comparing humans to animals, or enforcing people to have kids?
That is like asking, "Why are you assuming a digestive purpose on eating?" Sex is for the purposes of reproduction - that's just fact. Keep your strawmans to yourself.
My sense of humor is objectively shitty.
· 153d
Ok. But that makes the majority of heterosexual sex perverted in nature too, since most people have sexual relationships before marriage, and certainly intent to reproduce.
Indeed but mariage is only a social construct for the only purpose of keeping sex unperverted with more or less efficiency.
Are you making the case against perverted sex in general? (Like out of marriage sex for fun?).
In a way.
Would you advocate voluntary celibacy and avoiding masturbation and/or sexual lusting/imagery in general? As a good way to live life (if not for other, then for yourself?)
I would advocate masturbation being behavior trying to patch a biological need unsatisfied.
What if the seamen leaks out the anus(i.e. blowing bubbles) into the vagina? Could work in theory.
In theory? People get impregnated by jizz-farts all the time...
That is why the two holes are so close together, also part of the reason we fart, it is a very elegant solution.
Eating with your nose could also work, in theory.
That is how they force feed hunger striking prisoners, tube through the nose.
What are you implying by "self control"? If his actions were morally right, it wasn't perversion.. You are not born to be a pervert, you learn to become one.
People tend to disagree on that. People claim to have been born all sorts of things thought. Is it possible to be born into something like robotics fetish. Maybe. But I do not know.
· 154d
Asexual:"Without sexual feelings or associations." Is Oxford good enough for you?
"I did not have sexual associations with that woman" The Asexual version of Bill Clinton.
So what, you cut everybody's balls off and grow humans like Brave new world? We will always have to deal with weak people that can't control themselves.
If strong willed individuals are able to control their urges and behaviors and prioritize grand goals outside of procreation, then we know where humanity is headed as a whole.
Mentally ill people need treatments. They are not gonna get any if they can't get classified anymore.
“pray away the gay”
You need to find something else to do with your time. LGBTQ is *NOT mentally ill. YOU are mentally ill.