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You can send to any address using this form (link in user menu):
Wait is it?
What kind of wallet? BSV? BCH? Both?
What kind of wallet does memo use?
I thought it's using both simultaneously?
What kind of wallet outside of memo could I send to?
· 9d
Memo uses unsplit coins. Try to send BSV
That's for your ABC coins though, if you want to sell both then you'll probably have to turn off split protection, make a long post on SV, and then send your coins from each wallet
So, would it make the most sense to just leave the money here until we're using just one or the other?
Open an account at an exchange if you want to cash out. Go to your deposit/wallet page, look for BCH, and click deposit. Legacy addresses won't have colons (:), send to those and sell
That's not cashing out.
Cashing out means taking it out of memo.
...send it to a legacy address outside of Memo, that's taking it out of Memo lol
As long as you use legacy address you can send to a wallet outside of memo.
Does it work for Cashaddress now?
No, only legacy address format is supported.
Will there be Cashaddr support anytime soon?
It is planned, but probably not anytime soon. Cashaddr is just a different format. You can still use those addresses you just need to convert to legacy format.