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1374d · politics
(Article on USPS vs Courier on the whole Trump vs USPS thing)
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Couriers like FedEx and UPS are too expensive to send padded bubble mailers and letter mail. But if USPS was gone maybe couriers would charge less for boxes since they would have
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enough volume regularly.

USPS Pros:

USPS is FAR cheaper to send 15.99 oz First Class Package vs FedEx Ground/Home Deliver vs UPS Ground
USPS is cheaper per dimensional weight verse
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Fedex and UPS.
USPS allows people to use smaller 2.4 v 7.25 dymo 99010 labels from a thermal printer as postage.
USPS is insanely cheaper than Courier for International Shipments.

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PS Cons:

USPS gives out flat rate boxes made of paper thin cardboard thay break easily from shipment, even if used for single usage.
USPS surcharges for using custom brown boxes
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instead of cheapo flat rate boxes that keep breaking and losing your products.
USPS is supposely harder to get an insurance claim with if your package is damage or not delivered.
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keeps hiring retired people to do mail delivery, they are too old or have walking issues from injures and can't lift boxes much more than 15 LBS.
Cardboard boxes must have branded
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logos sharpie marked out to block advertisments, bullshit postal rule imo.

Courier Pros:

You don't have to remove branding logos from cardboard boxes.
They charge less per pound,
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would be cheaper to ship heavy but tiny stuff verse USPS
Insurance claims are easier to get since they are not government owned they can't weasle out of insurrance claims as easy.
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can rent a Thermal printer from FedEx or UPS for far less than buying one.
UPS gives free thermal printer labels to business account holders.
UPS and FedEx offer freight shipments as
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High volume business could save up 30% on postage costs.

Courier Cons:

International Shipments are expensive due to brokrage fees.
Employees treated like dirt and used as
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subcontracted workers without healthcare benefits for full time employment.
UPS is nicknamed United Package Smashers for a reason.
UPS has been invoved in many lawsuits by ex-employee
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s due to wage issues (overtime pay) or sexual harrasment claims.
They require 4x6 Thermal Printer Labels or can be printer with pieace of printer papper.
2.4 v 7.25 inch Dymo 99010
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labels are NOT allowed on any UPS or Fedex shipment, 4x6 sized only.

So their is a purpose for the USPS for smaller shipments and low volume sellers sending box shipments. Trump
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shouldn't disband the USPS IMO since it really doesn't benefit us to do so. UPS and FedEx have no interest in lower rates for letter and padde mailer mail. They don't have enough
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manpower to deliver tons of letter mail for the costs of ~ $0.40 to $1.80 per flat.

Some countries like Germany subcontract their box/parcel shipments to couriers and let the local
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post office deal with letters and padded mailers. This could be an option, for USPS to push all the parcel off to couriers so they can keep elderly workers delivering out small
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