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Sexual attraction is the way of nature to reproduction. If your sexual attraction is not torwards the another gender, reproduction cant work, Therefore, the sexuality is not| working properly.

And this is why its a mental illess. Because they deny that their sexuality has an illness.

I didnt say the should be closed to camps or anything. I dont even| say they must be forced to get experimental cures or anything...

Hungarian parlament just discussing a bill, which means they will be persecuted if they share their ideology to| children. Secret service will finally start to monitor these homosexual groups, and if they share their toughts to minors, they can get long years of prison and forced labor. |

Initially, i opposed this law, because everyone has the right to their own sexuality, but we can see these people are super dangerous, its good if they get below the close| inspection of the secret service.
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"If your sexual attraction is not torwards the another gender, reproduction cant work"

Humanity needs a lot more gays. :)
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I do not think culture plays that big a role in the average persons sexuality. The idea that sexuality is an 'ideology' that gets 'passed on' seems strange to me.
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Do you really think that it can be enforced?

Sounds like more tax payer money distributed to cronies for nonsensical reasons.

The root of the issue is lack of parenting.
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Corporations advertising with these rainbow pictures would be blocked from accessing market. And those are the threat to the society. But it will indeed not work on individual levels.