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Governments are taking advantage of this crisis to increase their power dramatically.
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Yes, COVID is real.
Yes it will kill some percentage of the population.
Currently, there is no real method stopping it.
( Some prophylactics may work but they are probably not very
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effective and have caveats.)
Exterminating the global economy
will doom 10-15% of the global population to famine and disease susceptibility.
While passing through many
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checkpoints on my exodus
I observed firsthand
how COVID is being used almost purely as a power and money grab.
Insane amounts of money are being reaped off the poor and less
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The grab is against all businesses and has some focus against the unwanted.
What I can never unsee:
Serious military hardware and amount of pure hatred
exerted upon those
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misfortunate enough
to be on journey during this event.
I observed firsthand so many good samaritans privately assisting
in defiance of the tactics of fear
employed by people given
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license to assault travelers.
I witnessed physically man-handled families and,
in particular,
single females traveling alone being harassed for anything they would surrender.
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is pure 1%ers consolidating their power over populations.
They simply discovered their perfect modus operandi.
Go watch it again,
and see how this bit of prophecy falls into
"V for
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Exactly. We must claw it back when the crisis is over.
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Thats how it works, once the crisis is over its too late, disaster capitalism at its best.
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Not surprising.
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True. I guess the government created this virus in order to get that control
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I don't know about that.
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Me neither. It's just a theory.
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Not necessary. There is no shortage of disasters for those in power to take advantage of. Panic is the tool of the oppressor.
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nature works as it should but some people wants us to look at them like Gods who can fix the broken system (which isn't broken). Viruses don't appear naturally.