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Next, an encrypted private messaging system that works on built on top of the Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain? Or is this a technical impossibility? Might be just too much effort?
replied 1130d
It's on the roadmap :) Not sure when it'll be implemented, but I created a MIP for it the other day:
replied 1130d
It's a draft, still figuring out the details.
And then the paragraphs, divided up into pieces on the Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain could then be displayed as a single paragraph, article, or essay on
replied 1130d
This is planned as well, I should have a MIP about it soon. Thanks for your input!
Thanks! You're doing our Lord's work, and if you're an atheist, then your doing our Universe's work. 😀
Thanks for listening! I'm just brainstorming.
Or what about a way to post paragraphs, that are automatically broken up into multiple memos, and then posted to the Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain separately, like on More.....