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Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin. Come and fight for #SatoshiVision.
SV is a bad joke. They didn't have a block explorer ready for the fork (maybe not even now), their front-man behaves like a spoiled brat, they couldn't even develop their own software
Um, I counted four SV explorers last time I checked.
Growing fast, could be more now.
47 minutes ago? You can't be serious. The SV had 6 block explorers as of yesterday!
"Ready for the fork" which is true
"Criminal and SEC investigations are under way in the US based on docs leaked to us. Kraken named also."
Looks like you guys are gonna be the joke soon.
Another Proof of (empty) threat.
You added empty just for fun, right?
Of course, because I'm still waiting for at least one to come true.
Threat is a threat baby.
popcorn time
Hope this helps.
Committed hash, stable protocol to build on, large block on chain, awesome dev support (think moneybutton and handcash)
(Think everything CSW has invested in). LOL. It's all about him.
Anything But Craig is not a rational argument
You are right because Craig has his dick in everything in SV. And 400 patents to boot. He clearly owns SV. You will regret it. Guaranteed.
I don't think people give a rats butt what the real bitcoin is anymore. You think after people giving up on BTC, and then going to BCH, then having to go to BSV? SV=death.
Yeah keep hoping.