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replied · 341d
How is happy the entire purpose of life? Could you explain that further?
So if instead of waiting for all these achievements/results in order to be happy. Instead you can just simply choose happiness regardless of circumstances. Habitual happiness.
replied · 341d
What do you mean by "choose happiness"?
You always have a choice in any present moment circumstance to be happy or not. It is a choice to search for and focus on the positive/happy and hold onto that instead of anger/upset
When your in traffic you have a choice to either be annoyed or angry your stuck in traffic or choose to put on some music happily enjoying a few extra songs on your way home.
replied · 341d
I prefer meditating during such times. It's less dangerous.
Meditation is great! It trains your mind from running on autopilot all day to you having control over what you give your focus to. I have been meditating for almost 1 year daily now.
In everything that we do, it is always with the end result to be achieving happiness. Go on vacation/happy, buy something/happy, choose a mate/happy. It always comes back to happy.
replied · 341d
Perhaps you could define what you mean by happiness.
Feeling happy in your emotions. Feel happy with the expression of happiness on your face. Experience happiness inside your mind&body. Feel the feeling of happiness as much as possible.
replied · 341d
Happiness without deeper any meaning is as empty (and destructive) as nihilism. Happiness can't exist without the contrast of mundanity. Perpetual happiness would be merely normal.
I have been making happiness my default feeling for the past year and I can promise you that it is not mundane and it has only enriched my life. Life is better when you Feel Happiness
replied · 340d
Maybe you'll have to define it better. I think thankfulness, contentedness etc. are precursors to occasional happy moments. You can still be sad/disappointed but choose to be thankful.
I do agree with what you said though about “you can be sad/disappointed but choose to be thankful”.
Very true
Being sad/disappointed can happen but holding onto that feeling is where the problems occur. Being thankful/content can happen and holding onto that is where happiness occurs.
replied · 340d
When bad things inevitably happen in your life choosing to be happy about it is pathological. Someday your parents are going to die. Friends will betray you. You need a better plan.
Bad things will always happen, sure, but focusing on the bad only makes it worse. Finding the good within the bad brings better perspective/insight. It’s not pathological at all.
When my parents eventually die, I will be grateful and happy for the many wonderful years we shared. When a friend betrays me I can be happy for all the joys we shared & hope them well
replied · 341d
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 🇺🇸